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Myth 1: Anyone Can Create a Good Website

Monday, November 24th, 2008

It is true that there are a number of templating systems that will help you get a functioning website. However, without the help of professional developer, there are a few things that these systems alone cannot do, even if you have the smarts to figure out HTML:

  • Cause customers to call you to request your services or products, or just more information
  • Define your target sales market niche and the problems you solve for them
  • Develop a unique graphical look that shows that niche that you solve their problems
  • Develop compelling content that demonstrates you are the expert in your field
  • Ensure that the content is engaging so that people stay on your site long enough to learn who you are.
  • Drive traffic to your site

Each of these tasks are things that a developer can help you accomplish. Depending on your needs a good developer can help you

  • Define your target market niche so that your online message is focused and engaging
  • Write compelling content have visitors spending time your site and re-visiting you frequently so that you can develop a relationship with them
  • Create a unique graphical look that demonstrates what you do and the problems you solve
  • Ensure that search engines will find your content and provide you a good search ranking.
  • Ensure that interested buyers/clients find your site.
  • Set-up blogs, email marketing software, e-commerce, etc.
  • Maintain your site so that it does not become stale.
  • Help you make sales!

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