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Myth 2: The Most Important Task Is to Drive Traffic to My Site

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

After a little thought, this one is easy to debunk.

What are visitors going to do when they get to your site?

Do you have so much sales literature on the site that people leave in disgust?

Do you have a reason for them to stay?

  • Do you provide them information that they can implement in their life or business today?
  • Do you have good, “timeless” subject matter resource information?
  • Do you have areas of the website where they will regularly conduct business with you, such as a client login area or client worksheets.
  • Do you provide online specials (that change regularly)

Do you make a request of them that is easily found on the site? (If you don’t make a request, they will move on and not do anything “productive” to help your business grow.)

  • Call your office for a free quote or free analysis?
  • Sign-up for a paid monthly subscription to insider news?

In the end, you can spend a lot of money getting people to your site, but none of that matters if they do not stay long enough to do business with you.

    Please come back when we have finished our re-branding and have republished this site