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Leveraging Blogs and LinkedIn

Monday, May 4th, 2009

If you have a blog and you have a LinkedIn profile you should be leveraging them together.

1)  LinkedIn has several tools to help you share your blog information

2) Your blog can show that you are a real person and that you have information/skills that others can benefit from.

There are two applications within LinkedIn that will help you distribute your blog:

  • Blog Link:  This application helps distribute your blog posts to people in your network who are using this tool.  It creates a feed of all of the blog posts (including yours) in your network.  As such it makes a great place to aggregate content from your network so that you can see what people are up to.
  • Word Press:  This application allows you to post your blog posts to your profile.  It says it only works on wordpress, but a little trial and error an you can probably get it to work with other applications.
  • Make sure your blog is listed on your profile.  That way casual visitors will be able to click on the link if they are interested.  It’s not as nice as seeing posts, but it is a bare minimum.

So how do I get these LinkedIn applications?

Once you login to LinkedIn, you will find a menu bar on the left.  Look towards the bottom and you will find a listing for “Applications.”  Click on the link you will go to page with big incons you can click on to install the applications.

Bloglink is easier to install; just click on the icon.  The application will display blogs from anyone in your group that has a blog listed in their profile and display posts from them.  (However, I wish it had a tool recognize that it had already found a particular posting.)

A helpful article on setting the WordPress application shows up here: (I found this post with a quick scan of a new twitter follower: )  It is still pretty easy, but you do have to tell it where to find your blog.  I’ve gotten most of the instructions to work.  My blogs are showing up in the linkedin profile for members of LinkedIn, though I am having trouble locating the appropriate privacy settings in linked in.  I was hoping the blog links would show up on the public profile.

Now, a word about your blog showing you have real skills to help people (or that your are a real person):  Hopefully, this blog demonstrates by example how this happens.  Compare the rest of my site’s content ( to the content on the blog itself.

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