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Spring Cleaning Website Work: Local Searches

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Many of us small business types create services for a local community.  We do not need to be found by someone several states away.  To answer this need Yahoo, Google, Yelp, Best of the Web, hot frog, and Bing have local search directories.  Because of the types of details that you can include in these listings, they can be an important part of your online marketing strategy.

As your business changes, your listings in these local search services should also change.  However, because they are not directly part of your website, it is easy to forget that these listings exist.  In some cases, the listings exist without you creating them.

So along with your other spring cleaning chores, consider looking at your local listings.  Maybe you have new or different

  • product offerings,
  • hours of operations
  • locations
  • accreditations
  • brands
  • payment options
  • pictures or videos of your services

These listings can be quite powerful if you keep them up-to-date with the right information.

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