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What Does Your Website Say in 30 Seconds?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Random website visitors are like a boss I had one time.  From my cubicle, I could regularly hear him berate people for bothering him with problems that he did not think were significant or fit the situation.  Many times, they actually had a significant question; they just took too long to get around to the heart of the problem.  As I told my fellow employees, the solution was to start with your most significant issue and get it said in one sentence or two.  Once he tuned out, you were done.

Random website visitors will tune you even faster than my old boss.  You have 30 seconds or less to convince them you might

  • understand their view of their problem
  • solve their problem, and
  • have supporting information in the website to build your credibility.

We advise our clients to accomplish this goal with a powerful headline on the home page that leads into a sub-headline and an opening paragraph.  With this starter and good blueprint of the text skeleton, much of the content will write itself and your website will be a powerful communicator.  Website graphics are far less important.  We also think that for many people, the process is easier when a third party helps with the process.  (I know personally that it is very easy for me to get bogged down in wanting to explain all the details of my own business and  that it is difficult to remember the reader only needs a 20,000 foot view.)

Some of our example work includes, and

Does Your Site Have the All Important Elevator Pitch?

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Most folks have heard of the proverbial “Elevator Pitch,” but did you know that your website has to have one too?  It is the headline of the page on your site people see first!

When people visit your site they will make an assessment of who you are in less than 10-30 secs.  That fact means that you have very little time to explain what you offer to potential customers. It means the headline on your page may make or break whether someone stays on your site to look around.

People come to the web to learn, not to be sold to.  Therefore, a good headline needs to lead into an informative article about a topic that helps your potential clients solve one of their problems.  The best headlines also have emotional impact because they address a concern, a problem, or maybe a possible joy of the potential client.

Your headline sets the tone for whether people can find some valuable information on your site or whether you are just another salesman.  Can You Describe Your Complete Offering In an Informative Headline?  If not get some help!

If you have seen a good headline, leave me a comment telling me what it is.

Does the Economy Have You Worried About Starting a Successful Business?

Monday, March 30th, 2009

It is only human to worry.  At the right dose, it helps us get up in the morning instead of being fat and lazy.

A friend of mine Joe Rolwing at the Tennessee Biotechnology Association passed the following article from the Mississippi State Department of Business.  They have provided a number of examples of outstanding world class United States companies that started during business downturns.

Money can be made during a recession!

Here is the article:  innovation-economics-101

My takeaway is that you cannot sit back and do nothing.  You have to reach out to your potential customers in new ways.

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