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Making a Website an Electronic Concierge

Monday, July 26th, 2010

At asitethatworks we love the opportunity to creatively solve unique website problems. One of our recent creations was to create a concierge based on a website. A new office space in Nashville—E|Spaces wanted to restrict access to their office space to members without having a security guard or receptionist. That part was easy—require the members to have an electronic badge that allowed them to enter. Furthermore, with an electronic system, the person at the desk does not have to constantly look-up member’s names to ensure that they are still paying for their membership.

However, this solution creates a new problem: If the member wants to meet a guest in the space, how does the guest get in?

Our solution was to create a special website to display on an I-Pad in the office lobby. The visitor walks up to the I-Pad decides what they want to do, selects the appropriate button, and fills out the form. If they want to learn more about the office space, the system collects their information, passes it to the appropriate people and then it calls either the attendant or the member that the visitor wants to see. The person the system calls will be at the door in short order.

Problem Solved.

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