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How Easy Is It to Navigate Your Site

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

How annoyed did you get the last time you visited a site with a long list of links.  You probably had to actually read the links to figure out what you wanted.  Consider the following two columns of links.  Which one is easier for a visitor to find something of interest to them.   

List 1

About My Company
Services My Company Provides
My Company Corporate Officers
My Company Property Managers
My Company Brokers
Contact My Company
External Maintenance Company
Accounting Request
Comment Card
Community Demo Site
Management Proposal
Report a Violation
Submit Maintenance Feedback
Architectural Forms
Maintenance Request
Related Site Links
Administrator Login

List 2


For Residents/Boards

For Realestate Agents

Our My Company


Management Proposals


While it takes additional time for the website owner to think about how people will want to use their site, if you want people to actually use the site and not be frustrated, then spend some time designing good links.  The main page links just have to give people an idea of what the site is about and where they want to go.  You can have drop down menus for all the extra information.

    Please come back when we have finished our re-branding and have republished this site