How to Build a Site that Works

(A printable PDF version is available here how-to-build-a-site-that-works)

Of course a site’s links have to work and the forms have to submit properly. But what really defines whether a site works is whether people visiting your site take the actions that you want them to take.

Picture of a funnel to demonstrate how potential clients become clients As shown in the image to the right,

  1. There are a lot of people in the marketplace.
  2. A few of those people will visit your site and give you a chance to begin a conversation with them.
  3. A number of those will go somewhere else within 10 seconds of reaching site. (These are your “bounces.”)
  4. Some of the remaing people will actually take some sort of action that you want: call you for more information, request a proposal, buy a product etc.

Our goal at “A Site That Works” is to maximize the funnel.

Barriers and Helpers to a Great Site

Each Here are some things that can hurt or help you gain potential clients.

Barriers to a Successful Site

(Things that Constrict the Funnel)

Facilitators to a Successful Site

(Things that Widen the Funnel)


No Call to Action

A Defined and Visible Call To Action

Without a Call to Action, people will visit but they will not do anything.

To much Sales Talk

  • A Striking Headline Backed up with excellent Informational Content
  • Articles/White Papers
  • Blogs
  • Surveys

Most people immediately bounce from a site when they see too much sales talk. They usually come to a site looking for information. Create a headline that grabs their attention and speaks to them and follow it up with substantive content.

No Visibility

  • Link Campaigns
  • Pay per click advertising
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Blogs
  • High Listing in Search Engines
  • Business Cards/ Stationary/ Envelopes/ Proposals/ Word of Mouth

If people do not know about your site, they cannot find it. Many of the techniques used to create visibility can also be used to generate a sense that you are sharing information and that therefore, your website is valuable.

Poor Site Organization

Site Clearly organized according to Your Client’s Needs.

Don’t make people look around to find something simple, there are plenty of other fish in your pond.

Things that enhance your customer relationships such as :

  • Dealer Login
  • Current Properties for Sale
  • Options to view and select customizations on a house or job
  • Ability to report complaints
  • Ability to make specific business requests

You are efficiently conducting business 24/7

Tips to Making a Great Site

Here are some tips to help you create better content.

Know Exactly Who Is Likely to Buy Your Services

No, it is never, ever “everybody.” Everyone may do taxes or need a plumber, etc, but not everyone you meet is going to pay to have someone do their taxes or want you to be their plumber. What is their income? Where do they live? How old are they? Do they have a family? What ages are the family members?

Define Exactly What types of Audiences Are Likely to Visit Your Site

For example the Billboard Company that wants to sell to end advertisers like the local resteraunt and the billboard company that wants to sell to advertising agencies.
The property management company that talks with Investors versus the property management company that wants to manage your PUD and wants to interact with PUD residents via the website

What is your intended audience looking for when they get to your site?

For example a person doing closings may make more money off of the Title Insurance, but the buyers and sellers are just looking for a reliable place to handle the paperwork. (Title Insurance—oh that’s required, Ok slap it on there.)
Is a person looking for vending supplies looking for low cost vending or are they looking to enhance company moral with excellent choices in the break room that taste great and happen the same way each time.

How much of the sales process can you accomplish on your website

Are you making a complete sale, providing general company information, creating a sense that you are knowledgeable, providing important details about the services you offer.

Define what actions you want them to take

Call for a proposal, call for information, buy a subscription, buy a product?

Get some Testimonials

What are your good clients saying about you!