Improve Website Download Speeds and Improve Online Marketing


Search engines are the business of figuring out how to deliver to you links the content you want to go to.  On the basic level, the site needs to have the information you need or want.  However, another consideration is how easy is it for you to get to that information.  If a site loads slowly, you may get frustrated and move (and blame the search engine.)  If you do a search on “SEO” and “Load Times,” you will find a number of articles pointing to this very idea.

Mobile devices typically load pages slower than a broadband connection.  As mobile devices become more prevalent, download speeds will be much more important.

What to Do?

Eliminate Flash as much as possible.  Flash sites are very pretty, but Steve Jobs (Apple) among others consider the program a memory hog that slows down sites and causes other problems.

Reduce the use of images or make your images simpler

Make sure your code is compliant.  (

Using streaming video instead of video that has to be completely downloaded before it shows.

Ask you developer to use CSS (Div tags) rather than tables

Keep your pages simple

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