Is Your Website Marketing Strategy Like an Elementary School Cafeteria?

At my elementary school the cafeteria was right in the middle of school.  If the lunchroom got too noisy, the nearby classrooms could not hear their teachers.  For each of my 6 years there, the principals were always trying to find ways to keep the noise down.  Nevertheless, it always got loud, and the only people you heard were the people at your table of 6-8 students.

Every day we as consumers are bombarded by the “cafeteria noise” of people asking for our business.  It all sounds so similar:

  • Great “customer service”
  • Just like the “big company” but more personal service
  • “Low prices”

So how do you break through the noise?  Instead of trying to shout louder than everyone else, why not just be yourself?  All of us are unique individuals with our on take on our industry.

We help our clients develop their unique voice because we think it is more likely that you will get customers that you can serve very well.  These are the clients that will rave about you.  On the flip side, when the customer is really looking for an approach that is opposite to your style, it is more likely that they will chatter about what poor service your provide.  In the worst case scenario they become the customer that makes you cringe every time their number comes up on your caller ID.

We have helped several clients do a better job of identifying how they are uniquely positioned in the marketplace:,, and   Call us at 615-479-7518 to see if we can help you.

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