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Content for Converting Visitors to Prospects or Customers


Site Headline/Home Page and About Us Page Content

The headline is one of the primary tools for engaging the client in the first 20-30 seconds when they arrive at your site and are deciding if your site is worthy. The content on the other main pages, should reflect the themes started by the headline and should demonstrate to the visitor you are competent and have a unique offering in the marketplace.
We can create a headline for you as well as content for a home page and an about you page by meeting with you for a couple of hours to discuss how you are unique in helping your customers. After that we can create some sample headlines and work with you to create a unique voice for your website.


Blogs are one of the easiest and best ways to promote yourself online. Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) like blogs because they like to reward sites that have fresh content. Customers like blogs because they can provide unique insight into how you help folks.

Other Pages

Depending on who the audience is for your website we may want to develop additional pages to reach specific types of people. We can discuss that content at the appropriate time or you can use a Content Management System to create the content yourself.


Graphic Design and Basic Site Construction


Custom Graphic Design

This approach provides the most unique look and has the best chance of matching any other marketing materials you may have. Once you approve the design, we will implement it.

Create HTML Based on a Design Template or Your Graphic Artist

We can purchase a template online for you or use a graphic design provided by your graphic artist. A template design is the fastest and most economical approach to having a site up quickly. If you supply the graphic art we required a layered graphic file.


Attracting Customers through Search Engine Traffic and Social Media


Determine the appropriate keywords

We can determine what words people use to search for your services online. Since all search results are based on the keywords that are found in the listed sites, this step is critical to the success of any serious attempt to rank well in the search engines.

Optimizing Pages for the Search Engines

We can use the keywords identified for a topic and ensure that they are used appropriately in the text, pictures, and meta tags so that the page gets the best possible ranking in search engines according to its content.

Setting up accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Linked

These accounts provides additional free places to promote your marketing messages at no additional cost for the message development. We will set-up these accounts in your name and anyone you designate can edit or se them. We will also create accounts in programs that will help you manage these services more efficiently.


Search Engines rank sites higher when they have fresh content and a key-word rich site. A short weekly blog accomplishes both goals when it is part of your site.

Local Searches

Many small companies or offices target a small geographical area. We can create a local Google and Yahoo listing to improve your local search results, where rankings may really matter. We suggest Google and Yahoo.

Set-Up Pay-per-Click Accounts

Pay-per-click advertising reaches people while they are searching online. It can be an effective way to ensure that your are “found.” This charge is for setting up each account (Bing, Google, Ask, etc.)

Monthly Tasks:

Blog and Social Media Maintenance

We would meet with you 20 minutes per week to determine what you need to talk about on social media during the next 7 days. We then create blog article and other social media updates during the week.

Pay-Per-Click—actual advertising

We give you 100% access to your pay-per-click account so that you see exactly how much your advertising is costing per click for each word in your campaign.


We charge a basic fee for managing the account on a monthly basis and making recommendations to improve performance.


Assistance You Provide Your Customers (Examples)


Event List though Google Calendar

Google calendars can be shared through your website as well as with anyone who has a Google Calendar account. You can create both public and private events. You will also have a very easy interface for updating the calendar. A custom built system would not be as shareable. (The documentation at Google Calendar indicates that we can skin the results so that they look like the rest of your site. However, if this is not possible we will need to charge some extra to set-up a custom system.)


We will set-up either Mailchimp or Constant Contact for you to send out newsletters and include an hour of time to show you how to use the system. We anticipate about $50 of this cost to be spent customizing your default email look to match your website. This part of the cost could vary.


Online Store


ClickCartPro SEO Package

Provides tools to help people find your products when they are searching online.

License for ClickCartPro

License for ClickCartPro shopping cart. You must have a shopping cart to have ecommerce. This product is very robust.

Shopping Cart Customization and Training

Customizing the shopping cart for your store and showing it to you.

ClickCartPro releases major improvements to their program every 2-3 years. In many cases, they have added new features, made the program easier to use, or patched server security issues. If you want the new features or if we need to adopt the new security measures, then we would need to purchase a new license. Minor updates on up-to-date software (before a new major release) are free of charge from ClickCartPro.

Additional Monthly Costs:

SSL Hosting PCI Compliance

Instead of creating additional list items for a required SSL Certificate and the required PCI Compliance, we wrap it into a single monthly fee.


Site Maintenance


As your business changes and grows, you will likely want to make changes to your site. Of course, we can make those changes for you. However, we believe it is often more cost effective to use a Content Management System (CMS) to make changes yourself.

License for Adobe Contribute

Some individuals like the desktop interface for Adobe Contribute better than a web based program. This program provides the ability to make changes on your website. All features are built into the program, no additional plugins are necessary. Contribute hides some of the actual HTML, which is available in other approaches.

Licenses for Site Builder, WordPress, or Joomla

Each of these programs provides an easy system to maintain your system. the ability to make changes on your website. Since they are web-based you can make changes anywhere with an internet connection:


  • Site Builder requires no additional plugins and does not currently include a blog
  • WordPress is very simple to use and is better known as a blogging tool. It requires some plugins to achieve full functionality, which means things can break
  • Joomla has the most complex feel but it integrates with the ecommerce system we usually work with.

Creating Templates/ Product Training

All CMS programs are based on a template. Each site design requires creating a template from scratch or otherwise acquiring a template.

We include an hour of time for product training

Recurring Costs:
There are no defined recurring costs. However, all software programs do need to be updated on occasion. The updating of these programs may incur some additional cost for the time to upgrade the software. However, we cannot predict in advance when these updates need to happen.




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Total Size (MB)
Monthly Transfer (GB)
Email Accounts
MYSQL Databases
Number of Webusers
Numer of Mailing Lists

Each plan includes

  • spam filtering via spam assassin and spamhaus
  • webmail access to all email accounts
  • cPanel control panel
  • php and perl scripting

Each plan has the following items available

  • personalized email filter settings
  • personal ftp accounts
  • website visitor statistics
  • scheduled tasks
  • password protected directories

The datacenter housing the servers includes

  • Full Battery (UPS) Backup
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Backup Generator

Free Hosting with Site Design

We offer 3 months of free Standard Hosting for anyone who completes a site design with us or who asks us to help them with their web copy. You must purchase at least $1000 of services for this offer.


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