To Search Engines, not All Identical Keywords Are Equal

In our previous post we talked about how to identify the right keywords to use to be attractive to a search engine.

The next step is to determine where to put those keywords.  Not all places on a website are treated equally.

The most important places for a word (roughly in order) are the

  1. Domain name
  2. The page name
  3. The page title (which may or may not appear in the actual content) and possibly the page description (which will not appear in the actual content)
  4. Headings on the page
  5. Regular content
  6. As alternate text for video files and pictures.

If at this point you are thinking it would be wise to use a word or phrase as often as possible, then you would be partially correct.  If the search engines believe you are duplicating content for the purpose of beefing up your relevancy scores, they will subtract points from their relevancy rankings for your page(s).  You can also be dinged for the same web content appear on more than one website, or repeating content too often.

So the point is to use the words, just don’t go overboard.

Some of these items, such as the heading and regular content are readily accessible for you to change.  If you use a content management system, make sure that your provider either makes these details available to you or is willing to make the appropriate changes for you.  This area is one where good programming makes all the difference in the world.

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