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First Step Social Media

It Is Time to Be Seen on Social Media and Build Your Brand

Do you find the idea of creating a presence or brand on social media overwhelming in spite of the benefits?

While a presence on social media makes a hugely positive influence on brand awareness and in rankings on search engines, it can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task.

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What You Gain

Vital branding and client exposure on social media
Improved site rankings in Google through greater domain authority
Peace of mind that the process will work without your continued involvement
Weekly exposure to your possible clients

What We Provide

3-4 social media profiles properly setup

As part of our initial setup, we will ensure that you have listings in 3-5 social media profiles including Google Places. You should provide us either a login to these profiles or an email address that we can use to set these profiles. To set these up or to ensure that they all have the same information, we will collect your basic company information:

  • The address
  • telephone number
  • website address
  • a description of the services offered
  • some gallery pictures
  • some SEO keywords

Weekly Social Media Updates as Long as You Participate

After the basic profiles are setup, we will then schedule a weekly post for each profile. The branding will be more true to your company personality if you will provide us 52 pictures we can use for these posts, though we can curate information for you. These weekly posts will continue as long as you continue using the service. Each year we can refresh the list of posts with new content.

We can always expand the program to include more services.

What We Do Not Provide in This First Step Social Media Campaign

  • This is not a full-blown social media campaign. If you want us to monitor your posts and make responses, etc., we need a deeper relationship.
  • If you need us to curate images and create the text a modest fee will be determined during our initial meeting. (We believe that clients do the best job of getting pictures that match their personality.)

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