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Website Design and Hosting Package


We Can Turn Your Website into a
Money-Making Showcase
for Your Business!

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What You Get

Sites Load in 4 Seconds or Less (Average Sites Loads in over 8 Seconds
More Visitors Will Interact with Your Site (25% Fewer Bounces every 2 seconds)
Convert More Visitors into Leads (25% More Conversions every 2 seconds)
Contributes to Better Search Engine Rankings
Beautiful/Compelling Site
Limited Optimizations to Rank Well in Google (SEO)

Features We Provide (The Details)

A fast loading site reduces people who bounce, improves conversions dramatically, and improves SEO. A 2-second improvement in site loading speed can increase conversions by 25%.

Development of Lead Generating Pages/Landing Pages is an additional service that can add significant value.

  • Under 2 second page load on slow mobile phones according to . (There are limits on the use of slider hero images and the use of third party website information.)
  • Automatic image compression to reduce file size. Images can be 70% smaller without reducing quality.
  • Configurable plugin to “cache” data and pages. This is a process of saving commonly used images and pages in a special location so that they can be retrieved without being recreated every time.
  • Base theme chosen for its ability to load fast while looking good. (The theme defines the look and feel of a site.)
  • Open Litespeed Server–It is an operating system of sorts. Technically it replaces Apache and is much faster and can handle more traffic. It is comparable or faster than the other major player–NGINX without the NGINX drawbacks.
  • Tools to prevent unnecessary code from loading. (Because Wordpress tries to do so much, it sometimes loads code by default that is not needed for a page. Our tools eliminate this bloat.)
  • A website crawler to ensure that pages are cached so that they take less time to load.
  • A plugin to reduce file size for the html, css, and javascript files and to optimize the delivery of the many files that are created for a simple webpage. (A typical website can load 20-30 files.)
  • Server runs php 8.0–the latest and fastest version of php–which the language the Wordpress is written in.
  • Traffic routed through the free plan for the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) which will store the site images and other facts so that they can be delivered more efficiently and from points that are closer to the end user. We also use their DNS servers to improve load times. (All sites require DNS and they consistently rank as one of the fastest.)

The look and feel will determine how people interact with your site.

While email service is not included in our hosting, the site will still have functional forms.

  • 80 or more templates to start the design process quickly.
  • We can build any look that you want.
  • Easily editable by many average users. WordPress powers 60 percent of the web based on a Content Management System (CMS).
  • The ability to create pages that Google will not index–thus retaining some privacy.
  • Attractive signup forms that reduce spam form submittals. (Spammers like to fill out online forms to “advertise” to whoever receives the forms.)
  • Plugins to make replacing images and renaming things easier.
  • Easily build content from pre-designed templates rather than creating from scratch
  • Ability to connect directly to Google Analytics (to easily see who visits the site.)
  • Email from the site will be handled through SendinBlue or SendGrid or a similar platform.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of creating and maintaining a site so that Google likes to rank it well. These items will get you a great start, but will not replace a full SEO campaign.

An SEO Audit or a Key Word Audit is an additional Service that would add significant value.

  • Site speed items listed in that section
  • SSL certificate automatically maintained–Google likes SSL certificates.
  • Rank Math plugin to define SEO parameters like
    • key words
    • robots.txt
    • site map
    • Defining Google displays information about the page.
    • Setting up basic organization information for local searches. (location, name, telephone number, etc.)
    • Monitor for pages that Google cannot find and then apply a redirect. (Google penalizes sites when it is told pages exist when they don’t.)
  • Rank Math plugin for schema–which is a technical way of organizing data that helps Google inventory your site
  • Ability to connect directly to Google Analytics (to easily see who visits the site) and to Google Search Console to see what is working.
  • We will provide you with login information for each and every account we create on your behalf–such as for Google Analytics, Yelp, Google My Business, etc.
  • Since we will use an organizational email, rather than a personal email (or forward) or an email associated with our company, you will be able keep control of your accounts regardless of the status of our business relationship.
  • When we setup 2-factor authentication, we will create emergency backup codes and provide them to you so that 2-factor authentication does not prevent your access to the accounts.

Let’s prevent problems before they occur and have a system to recover if something happens or if something goes wrong.

  • Server software is automatically updated on a daily basis.
  • Automatic WordPress, plugin, and theme updates (attackers use loopholes from outdated code to attack sites.)
  • WAF firewall installed to block many attacks before they get to the website. This approach looks for commands in request that might be bogus and blocks them.
  • SSL certificate automatically maintained to protect user input data such as passwords and personal information.
  • Site form plugin that reduces spam (and therefore reduces phishing attacks where they try to get you to give them login credentials.)
  • Server runs php 8.0–the most secure version (and the latest and fastest version) of php–which the language the Wordpress is written in.
  • Automatic backups–Daily backups stored for a month or more. Weekly backs up stored for 3 months and monthly backups for 6 months. Both the files and the database are backed up per site, not per server.
  • The server only serves websites and other traffic is blocked. Website traffic comes and goes through a channel called a “port.” Other services use different port numbers. Our firewall only permits traffic on the appropriate ports for managing a website.
  • Traffic routed through the free plan for the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) which includes another firewall to prevent much malicious traffic and helps with Denial of Service attacks.

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