Why Your Online Marketing Strategy Needs More Than a Pretty Website and a Description of Your Products or Services

5 Keys to A Site That Works

Many businesses and organizations have spent good money to a create websites that somehow does not seem to generate enough sales, prospects, donations, or participants.  It is frustrating because why else would you build a website other than to generate a sale of some sort.

Unfortunately, most websites fail to deliver the right results because the website focuses on the wrong things:

  • Instead of addressing why the customer buys from them and what needs or dreams the company fulfills, the website focuses on the services the company offers the customer.
  • The site loses track of some important differences between the online buying process and other ways of buying.
  • The website uses technology or specific trends for the sake of technology.

A Comprehensive Focus

Many companies that develop websites focus on only one thing such as website design, programming, hosting, product marketing, or even just getting a website found on a search engine like Google.

A Site That Works is different; we work with our our clients to consider the 5 most important parts of a good online marketing strategy and website:

  1. Attracting visitors to the site
  2. Written words on the site  to convert visitors into prospects
  3. Graphic design and an appropriate layout
  4. Products and services offered directly on the website.
  5. Programming and hosting to make it all work more effectively

Not every business or organization needs help with all of these areas, but we believe it is important to have one contact that can keep it all in perspective.

Business Impact

Each of these factors can be important because they affects part of the online selling or buying process.   The way to determine which  aspects your company needs to focus on is to ask what would change in your business if

  • More visitors came to your site and stayed a while (because you attracted more visitors and caught their attention with a good headline)
  • A larger percentage of visitors became interested in your services and called you or bought directly (because you had content that addressed their needs, not your services)
  • The graphic design and layout conveyed the right image and helped people find information on your site
  • You could offer specific products or client services on your website.
  • You could maintain the site yourself (because it is hosted using a content management system.).

Companies that can improve any of these items, should grow their business, or, at the very least, improve their image.

So Where Do I Start?

Some people know where they want to start; others need help getting started.  Either way, give us a call at 615-479-7518 or use our contact form.  We have product and service offerings to help with each stage of your online marketing strategy.  During our conversation, we can determine if you just need some of the services we offer or all of them and plan accordingly.

Call us at 615-479-7518 to set-up a consultation.